Adorable "Pup-tuals" at Stew Leonard's

These Adorable "Pup-tuals" at Stew Leonard's Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Sit. Stay. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


Yonkers grocer Stew Leonard's has catered pretty much every type of party you can think of, but sometimes they get a good one. (Who's a good one?? You're a good one!! Yes you are!)

Yesterday, in the spirit of love that is Valentine's Day, a wedding was held, featuring fresh-baked treats, elaborate floral arrangements, music, and a custom-order cake. Zulu and Dakota, the happy couple, grew up as next door neighbors, and looked resplendent in her veil and his collar and cufflinks. Zulu's mom, Shari Wagner of Yonkers, held the leash.

Yup, they're dogs. It was a dog wedding.

Esteemed guests included Westchester legislator Virginia Perez (and guest) and Eamonn O'Brien on behalf of legislator David Tubiolo, who together presented the newlyweds with a certificate of merit. After, the couple happily munched a few of Stew's "Bubba Biscuits," baked-daily dog treats that take the grocer's all-natural ethos and apply it to their pet goods.

It's silly, but we really feel like these two crazy kids can go all the way. And then bring it back. And then we can throw it and they can go all the way and bring it back again, and we can throw it and … well, you know the drill. Classic love story.


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