Congratulations on your decision to expand your family! Bringing a furbaby home can be a rewarding experience in so many ways. With the endless joy that a pet can bring into your home, many pet parents have often said that in the end, their pet was the one who rescued them. Before searching for your loyal companion and new best friend, please consider the following:

  • Is your current residence suited to the pet you’re thinking about adopting?
  • What breed, or species, of animal is the best fit with your current lifestyle? 
  • How will your social life or work obligations affect your ability to care for a pet?
  • Is there an adult in the family who has agreed to be ultimately responsible for the pet’s care?

Please click on the icon below to find the perfect pet for your family. You can also review the entire checklist for adopters and find answers to frequently asked questions. Saving an innocent life is the most noble thing one can ever do; and as a reward, your furbaby will give you unconditional love for many years to come.

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