Pet Luxury, the first ever luxury pet care brand for animals.

  • How to Survive Giving Your Cat a Bath

    The best solution is to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies handy, so you can make your cat’s bath very quick
  • What to Feed a Dog with Diarrhea

    The amount and color of stool produced by a dog are affected by diet. On the other hand, large amounts of loose, odorous, or unusually colored stools are abnormal. Mostly, dogs are known to move their bowels once or twice daily. A dog’s excrement is typically solid and brown, so when pet parents notice a change, this should be a cause for concern.
  • How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

    Whether they are pointy or floppy, long or short, dogs’ ears are a sensitive part of their bodies. Unattended ear infections can lead to serious pr...
  • How to Give Your Dog a Bath

    Be gentle around the face and any sensitive areas but be sure you get down to the undercoat.
  • How to Keep Your Pets Safe & Happy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Jessica Kasparian, ,USA TODAY News surfaced that the dog of a coronavirus patient in China tested “weak positive” and in the same inte...
  • The Importance of Not Using Human Perfume on Your Dogs

    No matter how much I pride myself on being able to suss out the top notes of any fragrance upon first sniff or pinpoint the exact cross streets...
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    These Adorable "Pup-tuals" at Stew Leonard's Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day Sit. Stay. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. BY...
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    Using oatmeal shampoo can help relieve your dog’s itchy skin, and it may even help clear up some canine skin conditions. Let’s find out how oatme...
  • Pet Luxury Press Release

    Pet parent and animal protection advocate, Virginia Perez, launches Pet Luxury, the first ever luxury pet care brand for animals to give pets the best holiday gift.