Pet Luxury Press Release

Pet parent and animal protection advocate, Virginia Perez, launches Pet Luxury, the first ever luxury pet care brand for animals to give pets the best holiday gift.
Pet Luxury is a luxury care brand for pets created by Westchester County Legislator, Virginia Perez.
Proud pet parent and lawmaker, Virginia has been fighting to strengthen animal protection laws. The decision to create Pet Luxury was inspired by her dissatisfaction with the quality of many pet care products on the market. The company has announced its official launch, consequently making amazing products available to pet owners, including dogs, cats, and horses, and giving them an opportunity to treat their four-legged loved ones to a gift of ultimate luxury this holiday season, particularly as Christmas draws near.
The amazing benefits of keeping pets have often made many people to go the extra mile of spending lots of resources including time and money to ensure their loved animals are fine and in good health. Unfortunately, many of the so-called pet care solutions currently on the market are detrimental to the health of the pets as they have harmful contents like toxic chemicals and detergents. This is where Virginia Perez and her team at
Pet Luxury are looking to make a huge difference in the lives of pets and their owners.
Pet Luxury is focused on providing cruelty-free, vet recommended, Paraben and GMO-free products that are made in America and are specially formulated to be gentle, safe, and effective. All of the products in the Pet Luxury collection are free of harsh or harmful chemicals, dyes, and detergents.
Pet Luxury currently has a wide range of products on the market including the Cucumber Melon Shampoo and the Cucumber Melon Conditioner. Other pet care products from the brand include the Medicated Shampoo for skin infections and irritation treatment, sweet pea and vanilla body spray, sweet pea and vanilla shampoo, and the Perfect Coat Shampoo that will brighten and shine every shade. Pet Luxury also has 100% genuine Turkish Cotton Luxury Towels, similar to the plushy towels found in many Five-star hotels.
Pet Luxury products are carefully formulated using popular fragrances and nutritional ingredients that were originally designed for humans. With gentle and effective ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber Melon Infusion, Oatmeal Extract, Sweet Pea & Vanilla Infusion, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Soybean Oil to name a few. There’s even a Medicated line formulated with special ingredients dedicated to treat skin infections and irritations and a line of healthy supplements that will have your pet looking and feeling strong and healthy for many years to come. The special blend in every formula allows pets to enjoy the benefits of each ingredient, leaving them with an invigorated feeling and long-lasting energy and fresh scent.
Founded by a lover of animals and advocate against animal cruelty, Pet Luxury will also be donating part of the proceeds from the sale of each product to various animal welfare organizations that focus on the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals. This basically means that every purchase of any product from the brand is a contribution towards putting an end to animal cruelty.
More information about Pet Luxury and the amazing pet care solutions from the brand can be found by visiting

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